Coming from rural
backgrounds the Stem
team aren’t afraid to
get their hands dirty.

“Rolling up the sleeves and just getting on with it” is a pretty good way to describe how the Stem Rural team works. We’ve learnt that getting out of the office and getting under the bonnets of our clients’ businesses is the best way to understand which tools we can best use to help.

Just like maintenance, we believe being proactive is the best way to get best from your business and that’s why we’re always finding our clients opportunities other accountants have overlooked. If there’s a better way, we’ll find it for you.

Regardless of whether your objectives are to “just take care of business”, to achieve stratospheric growth or anywhere the middle, the Stem team is ready, sleeves rolled up and ready to get busy.


How will it impact you if house prices drop by 15%?

New Zealand’s housing market decline has started to show in the numbers, with average values down across most of the country for three months in a row. Westpac economists have predicted house prices will fall 10% in 2022, and another 5% in 2023, for a 15% drop in...

Wellbeing Budget 2022 – overview

The 2022 Budget responds to concerns around inflation, the housing and cost-of-living crises, climate change, and business sectors signalling they’re still trying to recover from blows dealt by the pandemic. Not surprisingly, a huge slice is allocated to health, $13b...

Farming update: Tax, Improving Farm Value, Dairy Women’s Network Awards

As we head into winter, we tip our hats to the Kiwis working the land. The 83,000+ workers who face a unique set of unpredictable and uncontrollable challenges. Let’s talk tax for Farmers: Changes to GST and KiwiSaver GST Goods that are exported from New Zealand can...

What does Budget 2022 mean for you?

With the cost of living soaring, interest rates rising and house prices falling, Budget 2022 aimed to deliver a little something to help the average household. So what’s in it for you? Support for rising household prices You get to enjoy at least some of the benefits...

Budget 2022 – What’s in it for business?

While certain cost of living and climate initiatives outlined in Budget 2022 may assist businesses, some industry priorities are targeted specifically. Financial support for employers to retain and take on new apprentices is extended until end December 2023. Funding...

Overseas income and tax – don’t get caught out!

If you have income from overseas sources, it can be tricky to work out your tax position. #1 Declare rental income from overseas properties. You can claim deductions for rental-related expenses, and you may also be able to claim a credit for tax paid in the other...

The difference a Chartered Accountant can make for your business

When PSA hit Trudi’s Kiwifruit clients here in Te Puke she went all out to ensure a law change was passed to ensure that the costs to the grower became fully tax deductible. This video explains what happened.

Forecasting with Figured

Figured works seamlessly with Xero enabling you to confidently plan and re-forecast with realtime information when conditions change. We can use Figured to budget and forecast for any client type but it really comes into its own for Dairy and Drystock Farmers. For Fonterra suppliers we can automatically update your forecasted income when dairy price changes are announced.


2020 Diversity Awards NZ – Work Life Balance Category  – Winner of Small Organisation Excellence Award

September 2020 – We were finalists in the 2020 Diversity Awards NZ in the Work Life Balance category and have won a small organisation excellence award!. This is in recognition of the implementation of our very successful six hour workday for our team. For more information head over to the Diversity Works NZ website to read our case study. You can also watch our entry video below.

Here are Trudi, Martin & Nick accepting our award at the awards ceremony at Sky City.

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