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What our clients say
about Stem

Dairy Farming

“We’ve had plenty of support working with Stem and don’t feel like ‘just another client’.”



How we’ve benefited from having Stem as a Business Partner

  • They’ve given us the confidence to make well-informed decisions with the advice they’ve given us – and it has paid off. We’ve used that advice to move forward with our business planning, and they also recommend the right tools and support to help us get to where we want to be. This means we’ve taken steps with the business that we may not have done otherwise.
  • That guidance in the right direction comes with the fact Stem have a breadth of farming knowledge – we feel they understand the specific requirements our business needs to succeed.
  • We’d tried other firms, but not one had the Dairy knowledge of Stem; obviously it makes sense for us to work with a Company that really understands our industry.
  • We receive ongoing support in adopting and utilising new Technology to push the business to further success.
  • They have given us consistently high service – we find them to be very prompt to respond, and attentive to our needs.
  • Even though one of the main benefits for us is Stem’s knowledge of the faming industry, we would recommend them to any business looking for the full package when it comes to Accounting support – we find them to be very professional, thorough and we always get great, friendly communication from all the staff we deal with there.


“We know we can always rely on Stem Rural to get on and get the job done – they take care of their side of things, which means we can get on and do what we do – run Orchards. “



How we’ve benefited from having Stem Rural as a Business Partner

  • While we make all the strategic plans for our business, we know we can then go straight to Stem Rural and get a direct response on the practical and legal implications of our plans. So effectively, we trust in what they advise, and rely on them to help us move forward and grow the business.
  • An example – we recently purchased a new orchard – one call to Stem Rural, all the nuts and bolts were put together right away. We usually get an instant response, which when you’re making big decisions in a hurry, is exactly what you need.
  • Timeliness. Every year, our final Accounts are done on time, there is no last-minute panicking and we are very happy with this side of their service.
  • It’s not just the advice that Stem Rural gives that is reliable, but with our personal planning, we expect Stem Rural to suggest appropriate adjustments when needed and this is another area we know we can completely hand over our trust to them.
  • They successfully cover more than just our everyday Accounts, but handle our payroll as well. Everything we require is efficiently taken care of at a reasonable cost, and we would recommend their firm to any other business looking Accountants that can cover the lot, and let you get on and do what you do best.


“Stem are more than just bean counters. When I was first starting out, they were like Business Mentors who helped me get my feet off the ground, providing advice and support throughout the purchase of the business.”



How we’ve benefited from having Stem as a Business Partner

  • We’ve been with Stem from the start – for close to 15 years now, and felt very satisfied with their service the whole way through. I’m not surprised Trudi just won the Fellowship Award by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.
  • They are easily contactable and quick to provide on-the-spot advice, as needed.
  • We’ve always experienced the utmost professionalism from Stem – perhaps because they are based in a smaller centre, it feels like they have a closer relationship with their clients.
  • If one person isn’t available to talk, someone else usually always is.
  • One of the things that makes them stand out from other firms, is that they’ve always shown interest in how the business works, going above and beyond, taking the time to visit our premises and learn about the products and services we provide, with genuine enthusiasm.