Happily we’re back at Level 2, back in the office and practising social distancing.

We would ask that clients scan our QR code or sign in when visiting our office as well as wearing your face masks. Where possible we will be arranging online meetings but realise that  sometimes being face to face is best.

Click here to go to our latest update regarding the available Government support measures to help business through these difficult times.

Coming from rural
backgrounds the Stem
team aren’t afraid to
get their hands dirty.

“Rolling up the sleeves and just getting on with it” is a pretty good way to describe how the Stem Rural team works. We’ve learnt that getting out of the office and getting under the bonnets of our clients’ businesses is the best way to understand which tools we can best use to help.

Just like maintenance, we believe being proactive is the best way to get best from your business and that’s why we’re always finding our clients opportunities other accountants have overlooked. If there’s a better way, we’ll find it for you.

Regardless of whether your objectives are to “just take care of business”, to achieve stratospheric growth or anywhere the middle, the Stem team is ready, sleeves rolled up and ready to get busy.


Is your business focused enough on cyber-security?

We live in a digital world where our company’s data and (crucially) our customers’ data is under constant attack. Hackers are always looking for new ways to break into your systems and databases – and this has resulted in many significant data breaches in recent...

10 Tips for keeping track of business expenses

It’s surprising how small stuff adds up: dashing into the dairy on the way to work because the lunchroom’s out of milk. Scrambling out of the taxi at the airport to catch an early flight for that business meeting. Things you can forget about as you do the important...

GST made easy

Do you hate it when GST return time rolls around? You’re in good company. For many business owners, the pain isn’t so much having to pay the tax but having to prepare and file a return. But that pain is easy to avoid. Here’s how: If we complete your returns, of course...

Contractor vs employee: Getting it wrong could be costly!

Is that team member an employee or a contractor? It’s important to know the difference, because getting it wrong could be an expensive mistake. The Employment Court has recently issued three warnings to employers who have tried to label their employees ‘contractors’,...

Interest limitation on residential investment property

The Government has released draft legislative proposals to limit interest deductibility for residential property investments. From 1 October 2021: for properties acquired before 27 March 2021, interest deductions on loans will be phased out at 25% per year over 4...

Creating a small business budget

Small business budgets are empowering. They give you the knowledge and insight to eliminate wasteful spending and get to profitability faster. When setting a business budget, you need good numbers. Don’t guess at what’s coming in and what’s going out. You could be...

The difference a Chartered Accountant can make for your business

When PSA hit Trudi’s Kiwifruit clients here in Te Puke she went all out to ensure a law change was passed to ensure that the costs to the grower became fully tax deductible. This video explains what happened.

Forecasting with Figured

Figured works seamlessly with Xero enabling you to confidently plan and re-forecast with realtime information when conditions change. We can use Figured to budget and forecast for any client type but it really comes into its own for Dairy and Drystock Farmers. For Fonterra suppliers we can automatically update your forecasted income when dairy price changes are announced.


2020 Diversity Awards NZ – Work Life Balance Category  – Winner of Small Organisation Excellence Award

September 2020 – We were finalists in the 2020 Diversity Awards NZ in the Work Life Balance category and have won a small organisation excellence award!. This is in recognition of the implementation of our very successful six hour workday for our team. For more information head over to the Diversity Works NZ website to read our case study. You can also watch our entry video below.

Here are Trudi, Martin & Nick accepting our award at the awards ceremony at Sky City.

Switching to
Stem is easy

Have you been thinking that your current accountant just isn’t quite cutting it and it’s time for a change?