Digitisation is transforming how farming businesses operate, leading to more innovation, efficiency, and productivity across New Zealand.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is part of the puzzle, local networks of internet-connected devices and appliances that share information. IoT devices make life more efficient, safer, and productive on-site.

IoT is changing how farmers and growers use land and track their stock, assets, and equipment. Many New Zealand farmers already use IoT solutions such as sensors, deployed across a farm to measure anything from soil moisture to fuel levels. Sensors can send alerts when valuable equipment is taken off-site, when a pipe is leaking, or locate a lost quad bike. They can also notify fuel suppliers when diesel or petrol tanks are low.

IoT devices also have huge health and safety benefits. Sensors can be attached to tractors and heavy equipment to send instant notifications in the event of an accident.

IoT solutions can automate tasks and give you more data to make better decisions. As a farmer or grower, you’ll gain more visibility over your business with a host of sensors and devices feeding information to your mobile phone or computer.

Companies including Levno offer water, fuel, and milk vat monitoring services through IoT-enabled sensors and devices. These provide real-time information on fuel and water management, feed monitoring, and milk processing.

New Zealand rural broadband providers, including Spark and Farmside, offer advice on how to get started with IoT. Get in touch with your internet provider to find out more.